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27 September 2016 @ 09:50 pm
[Series] Killer Smile  

Title: Killer Smile
Author: b_sim
Characters/Pairings: YOU/Kimisawa Yuuki, GACKT (Seito Kaichou)
Rating: PG (For now)
Genre General
Summary: In all good Japanese stories, there's always something up with the new transfer student on the block. Kimisawa Yuuki is no exception. Also in all good Japanese stories, the new transfer student will suddenly have a love interest. (Un?)Fortunately for You, Yuuki's chosen him.
Notes: Look. At. This. Beautiful. Couple. And. Their. Respective. Million. Dollar. Smiles.

Today was a rare Monday morning full of excited buzz and talk instead of the usual soft yawns and groans in protest of the first school day after a weekend. The hushed whispers began at the front gate, where an expensive black car was currently parked, and it trailed all the way to the classrooms.

As Camui Gakuen students were highly resourceful and efficient, they’d manage to spread blurry cellphone photos of the new student to all the classes before first period even started.

“Hey, You-senpai,” Sato said, sliding into the seat in front of You’s desk.

You was focused on applying his eyeliner (in accordance to Rule #44) but he did acknowledge the blonde midget with an ungraceful, “Haaah?”

“You seen the new student yet?”

You leaned back in his seat to judge his eyeliner in his pocket mirror from afar, decided it was acceptable and then turned his eyes onto Sato’s cellphone.

The picture quality was less than desirable—no doubt taken in a brisk walk past the principal’s office—but You could still make out some features from the new student’s side-profile: he had jet black hair, a sharp nose, and a jaw line so well-defined it could cut.

Just another pretty boy, You thought to himself.

He didn’t give much thought to the new student after first period began. He heard from others that this Kimisawa Yuuki was in a different grade anyway (a year below You) and they wouldn’t be sharing most of their classes. He also heard lots of squealing and gushing from their female students and concluded that Kimisawa Yuuki must have been more of a pretty boy than he thought.

Still, You paid no mind. Camui Gakuen was not unfamiliar with pretty boys, their famed Seito Kaichou the prettiest of them all. If the students were pretty enough, sometimes Kaichou would grace them and honour them by allowing them to run errands for him, like fetching his lunch and his textbooks. After a few weeks, Kaichou would grow bored of them and he’d move on to the next pretty boy. You knew very well how this worked, having observed it from Kaichou’s side for years now.

This new student, this Kimisawa Yuuki, would probably fall into the same routine. There was nothing new to be seen here, nothing to get into a huge fuss about.

His impression of Kimisawa Yuuki changed slightly during fifth period, when Yuuki stepped into their classroom at the start of the lesson.

You had to admit that he’d been wrong; Yuuki was a pretty boy, but he was also a very handsome young man. That blurry photo he’d seen earlier had not done Yuuki justice at all. And when those piercing black eyes met his own for a brief moment, You’s heart froze for a second.

What was this feeling? You thought he’d grown immune to pretty boys like Yuuki. Heck, he was immune to Kaichou!

“This here is Kimisawa Yuuki,” their teacher said after writing Yuuki’s name on the board. “He’s a second-year student but he will be joining our biology class as he was in a special advanced class in his previous school. Now, Kimisawa-kun, would you like to introduce yourself?”

“Thank you, sensei,” Yuuki said with a bright smile before directing it to the rest of the class. “Good afternoon. I am Kimisawa Yuuki. I’m from Kyoto, and I’m from the Kimisawa family that owns Kimisawa Industries. My father recently expanded his business into Tokyo and decided this was a good opportunity to transfer me to the prestigious Camui Gakuen as well. It is an honour and privilege to be in this school.

“My hobbies are acting, singing, cooking, and traveling. I’m also fairly good at tennis and soccer. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite food is curry. And, my favourite subject in school is, of course, biology. Again, thank you for accepting me into your student body.”

At this point, Yuuki began speaking slower than before and he made sure he made eye contact with each and every student. You wondered if his mind was playing tricks on him because he could’ve sworn Yuuki’s eyes lingered longer on him.

“Everyone has been very kind and welcoming, and I look forward to studying with all of you. Thank you.”

To You’s left, Kaichou fidgeted in his seat. You looked over, a question posed in his eyes.

Kaichou tsk’ed. “Whippersnapper trying to take over my school.”

You blinked and then raised an eyebrow. “…Gaku, he just introduced himself.”

“Trust me, You,” Kaichou said, eyes squinted in an adorable glare. “I know a rival when I see one.”

For all his years of experience with Kaichou, You didn’t know how to respond so he simply shrugged his shoulders and turned his head back to the front of the class where their teacher had started writing out that day’s agenda on the board.

As Yuuki made his way to his seat though (the empty seat two rows ahead of You, four seats to the right), You’s eyes slowly trailed from the Japanese characters on the board towards their new classmate.

A pretty boy that’s smart, You thought. Smart enough to skip a year ahead in biology. And he’s got Gaku on edge too…

Maybe there was more to Kimisawa Yuuki than his gorgeous hair and beautiful face.


for_th3_written: YOU - Top gearfor_th3_written on September 27th, 2016 01:18 pm (UTC)

I need a Yuki icon... Lol, whippersnapper... How many years has Kaicho been held back at this point?

Ahhh, it's so good but so short T^T I wanna know what happens.
Does Yuki take over the school? Do him and You eat parfaits together? Does Kaicho go mad from the betrayal of his best friend switching over to the darkYuki side?
Belle: Tenipuri; Chibib_sim on September 27th, 2016 01:40 pm (UTC)
How many years has Kaicho been held back at this point?

LOL he's the annoying guy who graduated but who just keeps coming back because of schoo pride.

G: Ahhh, I love this school!

G: /making seito kaichou speech/

G: /still has power and sway over the school/
Yuuki: WHY

Does Yuki take over the school? Do him and You eat parfaits together? Does Kaicho go mad from the betrayal of his best friend switching over to the darkYuki side?

Wait with the rest of the peasants! /whooshes away/