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08 September 2016 @ 09:17 pm
[one-shot] Rule #27  
Title: Rule #27
Author: b_sim
Characters/Pairings: GACKT (Seito Kaichou), You, Kimisawa Yuuki
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humour(ish)
Summary: Rule #27: All students must utilise thongs as their main undergarment. Accepted colours are black, white, red, pink, and yellow. Leopard-print is also acceptable. Lace is optional.
Notes: Chatting with forth3written over at Twitter got this Camui Gakuen fic going.

“Kaichou, about Rule #27 in the handbook…”

Kaichou didn’t even bother looking away from his reflection in the mirror. “Rule #27: All students must utilise thongs as their main undergarment. Accepted colours are black, white, red, pink, and yellow. Leopard-print is also acceptable. Lace is optional.”

It was of absolutely no surprise to Kimisawa Yuuki that Kaichou could recite the rules in the handbook, the handbook which he himself was holding in his right hand right now.

Lunch period found both Kaichou and Yuuki alone in the classroom, their other classmates having rushed off to the cafeteria. Kaichou had remained behind to ensure his makeup was impeccable, and Yuuki had remained behind to ensure his dignity in his future days here at this school would be intact.

“Yeah, okay, so you know the rule.”

“You have a problem with it,” Kaichou cut to the chase, meeting Yuuki’s eyes in his mirror for a brief moment before his gaze returned to his own pouty lips. They looked a bit chapped.

Yuuki sighed. Co-ed dormitories and teachers with criminal histories had been amongst the first things to pop into Yuuki’s mind when he’d been told his new school had certain eccentricities. Those were “normal eccentricities” (pardon the contradiction) one would expect when it came to educational institutions—not thongs.

“Yes, I do, and—“

“Quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” Kaichou said as he slipped chapstick out of his breast pocket and applied it to his lips. “Rule #27 is a sacred, untouchable rule and has grown to become somewhat of a tradition here at Camui Gakuen.”

“Okay, but why does this rule even exist?”

“Because I wanted it to,” Kaichou replied very matter-of-factly, as though that were all the justification he needed. He finally put down his handheld mirror and turned to Yuuki. “And, as you’ll learn in time, Yuuki-senpai, I always get what I want.”

A red tint clambered to the surface of Yuuki’s cheeks when he noticed Kaichou’s eyes flicking downwards for a second.

“I would hate for you to be caught breaking the rules so soon after your transfer here,” Kaichou said, sliding off his desk and then heading to the door. He looked over his shoulder and smiled all too sweetly. “Do be good, Yuuki-senpai.”

“You know,” Yuuki cut in before Kaichou could leave the room. “I know I’m going to regret asking this, but... How do you enforce Rule #27?”

Kaichou’s eyes glinted. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Then the beautiful, curly-haired Kaichou was off, leaving Yuuki alone in the classroom to ponder the meaning of those words.

Yuuki narrowed his eyes and curled his hands into fists, inadvertently crushing the school handbook.

Kimisawa Yuuki, the heir to Kimisawa Industries, would not be subject to this humiliation, no sir!


When Yuuki caught up with You in the school corridor later that day, looking flustered and more than slightly uncomfortable, You couldn’t say he was entirely surprised. New students tended to look like that for at least the first two months, after which they’d have grown accustomed to this school and its Student Council President. A Stockholm Syndrome kind of thing.

“You-senpai,” Yuuki began, his long legs helped him keep You’s pace. “Are you wearing a thong right now?”

“My, my, at least buy me a drink first,” You teased, his lips curling up into a small grin. “Is this about Rule #27?”

“Ah huh. Please tell me that it’s a joke. That it’s just in the handbook for shits and giggles. That no one actually abides by it.”

Before You could open his mouth to reply Yuuki (with an answer Yuuki most certainly did not want to hear), two other Student Council members, blocked their path.

“Thong check,” Takumi said.

“Please raise your shirts,” Shinnosu followed.

Before Yuuki could manage out an objection, You immediately lifted his shirt just slightly above his navel. For all the manners and etiquette hammered into him by his family, Yuuki couldn’t help the strange gargling choking sound that tore itself from his throat, which seemed to be closing in on itself, as his eyes fell on the two black thong straps peeking out from above You’s school pants’ waistline.

“Thank you, You-senpai. You’re good to go,” Shinnosu said before turning to Yuuki. “Your turn, fresh meat.”

“What,” Yuuki squeaked.

You shrugged his shoulders and tossed Yuuki an apologetic smile. “Rules are rules.”

Takumi and Shinnosu began advancing on Yuuki who suddenly felt a lot smaller despite being taller than them both.

“B-But! My father is the CEO of Kimisawa Industries!” Yuuki attempted in vain to deter them. “I’m the heir to his company and fortune! I”m brilliant and handsome and funny and I’m going to be the next Seito Kai—ack!”

Both Takumi and Shinnosu had gotten ahold of Yuuki’s arms now, each with one hand, and were attempting to lift his shirt with the other. Unfortunately for them, Yuuki was more difficult to control than an uncoordinated octopus covered in Christmas lights.

“No! Let go of me!” Yuuki cried, kicking his legs and twisting his arms.

You, watching the spectacle, wondered if thongs were worth fighting over this much.

“Stay still, dammit!”

“Just lift your goddamn shirt!”

Takumi and Shinnosu’s commands fell on deaf ears. Or, rather, Yuuki’s shrieks just overpowered everything else in the vicinity.

“You’ll never take me alive!” Yuuki screamed and, with a burst of energy, he tore himself from Takumi and Shinnosu’s grasps and proceeded to flee down the corridor.

“Get back here, newbie!”

You sighed.

If Rule #27 was causing so many problems, maybe it was time for a change.


Kaichou was exactly where You’d expected to find him—the piano room. Because, whenever Kaichou wasn’t off being Kaichou, he was in here, being GACKT.

“You,” Kaichou said with a kind smile, meeting You’s eyes over the top of his music sheet. His fingers did not pause in their dance upon the piano keys. “What brings you here?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something,” You said, sliding the door shut behind him. “It’s about Rule #27.”

“That again,” Kaichou sighed. “Are you here to ask me to remove it from our handbooks?”

“No,” You said, coming to stand behind Kaichou. “I was going to suggest that you change it slightly, not remove it altogether. To be honest, I find thongs quite comfortable, and I like that we have this rule.”

Kaichou’s wide smile told of the pride swelling in his chest. “If you like it, then most of our student body probably does as well. If it ain’t broken…”

“Yeah, but… From the way Yuuki-senpai was resisting the thong check earlier, you’d think he was fighting for his dear life,” You said. “Maybe it’s against his religion. In any case, we can’t force him to wear a thong.”

“You, come on, let’s be real, here.” Kaichou stopped his piano-playing and turned around to look up at You. “Thongs are not a sin. They are incredibly comfortable, and our athletes have even said that they think their playing’s improved.”

“Our only sports club is the Male Fitness Modelling club, Kaichou.”

“Right, and we’ve clinched the Tokyo championship every year.”

“Because we’re the only contestant—not to mention, the organisers.”

“What are you trying to say, You?”

You sighed and sat on the piano seat next to Kaichou. “I’m saying, maybe, thongs aren’t for everybody.”

Kaichou raised his eyebrow so high it disappeared into his curls.

“If Yuuki wants to be a part of this school, then thongs better be for him,” Kaichou said, looking adorably ticked. “I’m Seito Kaichou, You. We have rules for a reason, and it’s my job, and the Student Coucil’s job, to enforce them. We can’t bend the rules every time someone’s uncomfortable.”

“Kaichou, you know as well as I do that there is no real justification for Rule #27.”

Kaichou slapped You on the shoulder.


“How dare you! You embarrass me!”

“Listen to me, dammit!” You grabbed Kaichou’s shoulders and stare so deep into Kaichou’s eyes that Kaichou wanted to shirk away in fear. “Your job as Seito Kaichou is to lead the student body and ensure a good quality of life in the school! I know how precious Rule #27 is to you, but when a student runs down the corridor shrieking and in tears because he doesn’t want to wear a thong, there’s clearly a problem, and you have to address it! Being a good leader doesn’t mean just enforcing the rules; it means knowing when you have to compromise for the good of the people you’re leading! You want to be Seito Kaichou, you want to be a good leader? Then prove it, and start with Yuuki!”

The tension was so thick, one would expect them to start making out.

Unfortunately, this is a different kind of fanfiction, so You simply moved back and let his arms fall to his sides while Kaichou stared at him in a mixture of awe and fear. Then, the curly-haired bombshell had the courtesy to look ashamed of himself.

“You’re right, You.”

“Thank you,” You huffed.

“I’ll go speak to Yuuki right now,” he said, getting to his feet.

You immediately followed suit. “Yes, you should.”

The two looked at each other, shared a moment of mutual understanding and respect, nodded to one another, and then headed to the door together.

“Was Yuuki really in tears?”

You sighed.


When Seito Kaichou walked into a room, you knew, from the soft little gasps that escaped the students; the overpowering smell of Platinum Egoist; the flowers growing in each step he took; the little woodland creatures that suddenly appeared from the edges of the screen.

All these telltale signs were as good a fanfare as any. Or, to Yuuki, a warning.

He looked up from his textbook, and the blood drained from his face. Even the sight of You walking behind Kaichou didn’t comfort him—You had probably told Kaichou what’d happened earlier today in the corridor.

Yuuki got to his feet, sighing. “Okay, I know, I know… Your school, your rules, but—”

“You don’t have to wear a thong,” Kaichou said loudly. The other students in the library gasped. Some dropped their books.

Yuuki just stared in silent wonder. You smiled smugly.

“Rule #27 is an important part of Camui Gakuen—why, I’d say without it, we wouldn’t be half the school we are today—but you’ve made it clear that obeying Rule #27 is physically traumatising and taxing for you, Yuuki-senpai,” Kaichou continued. “So, as any good Seito Kaichou would, I am willing to compromise.”

Yuuki blinked. “You are?”

Kaichou climbed onto the table and turned to face the rest of the library.

“Let it be known to everyone that this compromise is only for one Kimisawa Yuuki, and if any of you are thinking of cracking the same deal with me, you will have to provide sufficient proof that thongs are taking a negative toll on your life.”

Yuuki’s eye twitched. “You still haven’t told me what the compromise is.”

Kaichou smiled and then spread his arms wide for dramatic effect. “From this day on, Kimisawa Yuuki will wear boxers instead of thongs!”

The students clapped and cheered and howled their support. What a fabulous Seito Kaichou. What a great sacrifice he’s making for the happiness of one student. How gallant of him. How gracious.

The celebration was cut short when Yuuki slammed a dictionary down onto the table five minutes later (five minutes later because he first had to find the dictionary).

Thirty faces peered back at Yuuki in shock.

Yuuki’s face was red. “How the hell is that a compromise?!”

Kaichou stared at Yuuki in confusion. Kaichou turned to look at You, but when he saw that You looked just as confused, Kaichou knew he wasn’t the only one misunderstanding this.

“But, Yuuki, I thought you didn’t want to wear thongs,” You stammered.

“You’re right, I don’t!” Yuuki said. “I don’t want to wear anything!”

After at least five seconds of silence, a female student cried “iya!” and ran out of the library.

Yuuki took a deep breath, got his face colour back to normal, and then explained, speaking at a level of seriousness that was beyond what the topic of conversation deserved, “All the men in the Kimisawa clan do not wear undergarments, for it’s a long-held belief that caging one’s self down there cages one’s abilities as well. And so it was! Every Kimisawa male has topped the Male Fitness Modelling Contest back in our hometown!”

“I knew we weren’t the only one!” Kaichou hissed to You.

“Every Kimisawa male has gotten top grades! Every Kimisawa male has conquered a school!”

Kaichou was now staring at Yuuki, his eyes sparkling, as though he were hearing the preaches of a religious pastor and he had now seen the light. Next to him, a sweat drop grew on the back of You’s head.

“So, when I came to Camui Gakuen, famed for its success both academically and athletically, how was I to react when I learned I was expected to inhibit myself?!”

“You’re right, Yuuki,” Kaichou spoke up, and the students gasped again. “He’s absolutely right, everyone! How could I have been so blind?! Lost in my appreciation for lingerie, I completely forgot the beauty of the natural human body!”

“You… You’ll change the rules then?!” Yuuki sounded way too happy. A large grin grew on his face and he grabbed Kaichou’s shoulders. “You’re serious?! I can go around underwear-less?!”

Kaichou smiled and slung one arm around Yuuki’s shoulders as his thoughts went to other places, namely the current situation inside of Yuuki’s pants. “I had my doubts about you, Yuuki-senpai, but I believe you’ll fit in here just fine.”

Yuuki's grin gew wider and he punched the air. “Alright!”

And so, Rule #27 in all the new handbooks henceforth were as follows: All students must go commando.

Notes: Just gotta love Kaichou, man.
ryuikryuik on September 11th, 2016 10:19 pm (UTC)
Ahahaha, that's just epic ^^ And so in character xDDD I wish this rule was true...
Belle: G; nya nya~b_sim on September 16th, 2016 04:25 am (UTC)
Hahaha, thanks, man, glad you liked it!