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03 December 2014 @ 10:41 pm
[one-shot] What's New, Pussycat?  
Title: What's New, Pussycat?
Author: b_sim
Characters/Pairings: Ken/Hyde
Rating: G
Genre: General
Summary: Forget the red panda comparisons that the fans, and Hyde himself, liked to make. In many, many ways, Hyde was a cat.
Notes: Set in early L'Arc days, so they're not huge rockstars just yet. Anyway, this came about when I suddenly remembered that Ken had a cat, and I happened to re-watch the video where Hyde puts his head in Ken's lap, haha.

Hyde was a cat.

Forget the red panda comparisons that the fans, and Hyde himself, liked to make. In many, many ways, Hyde was a cat.

Ken noticed this soon after they’d started sleeping over at each other’s apartments, and started spending more time with one another.

Hyde claimed to like affection and intimacy, even with just friends. Tetsu and Yukihiro had received enough sudden hugs to know this was true, and it was, except Hyde didn’t stay in mushy-mode for very long. After some petting and loving and spending time with Ken, Hyde would eventually migrate to another part of the room to use his computer, or read.

In other words, Cat-Hyde would play with you for a while before going off somewhere on his own.

When Ken was preoccupied with work, that’s when Hyde would want attention. Whether it was the newspaper or computer or telephone, Hyde would butt his way in somehow. Many times, while Ken had been working on the computer, Hyde would sit next to him and link their arms together, or rest his head on Ken’s shoulder, talking softly about whatever came to his head.

In other words, Cat-Hyde would walk all over your keyboard and reading material when you needed to use it.

Whenever Ken had guests over at his apartment, Hyde would smile and make polite conversation before saying he had something he needed to do. He’d then go back into Ken’s bedroom and watch television, coming out only when he was sure the guests were gone.

In other words, Cat-Hyde disliked new people.

To a lot of people, Hyde was a modest, humble person. To some extent, this was true. But not so with Ken. With Ken, Hyde wanted to be lavished with attention and love and admiration. He wanted Ken to love every single thing about him.

In other words, Cat-Hyde was a diva.

Cats weren’t easy animals to deal with. Most of the time, it felt as though cats took everything in a relationship and never gave anything back.

But ask any cat owner, and you would know that that wasn’t the case, because part of the joy of being a cat owner was submitting yourself to all these little trials and tribulations, which soon become endearing traits instead.

Whenever Hyde left Ken alone to do his own things, Ken appreciated it, because he was only human and he needed time alone as well. Besides, cuddling too much could get tiresome. So, Ken cherished the times he and Hyde would sit apart and do their own things in complete silence. Every few minutes, one or the other would reach out to place a hand on a knee, or a head on a lap. Ken loved those moments – intimacy combined with alone time.

Whenever Ken needed to do work and Hyde was there, Ken couldn’t say he minded, really. Because he was not a cat like Hyde who needed to be alone to do his work. In fact, he appreciated the company. Hyde’s presence always made work easier to deal with. Those chaste, warm touches and Hyde’s soft voice kept Ken going. Not to mention the suggestions that Hyde would provide from time to time.

While it was true that Hyde disliked meeting new people and preferred to stay in the bedroom when guests were over, he was no idiot and he knew when Ken wanted him out there instead. Those times, Hyde would oblige, just so he could see Ken smile. It warmed Ken’s heart to know that Hyde would become social just for him.

And while Hyde wanted Ken to treat him like a god, and acted like a prima donna, Ken knew it was only because, at Hyde’s very core, Hyde was a humble person, and he didn't always think very highly of himself. He needed constant reassurance of Ken’s love for him. Hyde needed to know, every second of every day, that Ken loved him, despite all the flaws, despite all the ‘cattiness’. And Ken did.

So yes, in essence, Hyde was a cat.

And, thankfully, Ken was a cat person.

Notes: Thanks for reading, and I'd loved to know what you think!
Pirate_Mozart: Hydepirate_mozart on May 27th, 2015 08:35 pm (UTC)
Hyde is such a cat :) Thanks for writing this, I was super happy to see something for me to read when I finally checked back in at LJ :D