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26 May 2012 @ 10:06 pm
[Series] Blooming Within; 00 Prologue  
Title: Blooming Within
Author: b_sim
Characters/Pairings: Hyde (Hideto)/GACKT (Satoru), Ken, K.A.Z (Kazuhito)
Rating: R
Genre: AU, romance
Summary: Both Hideto and Satoru are of this time era but they live different lives in feudal Japan every night in their dreams. Hideto becomes a lord and Satoru becomes a servant. They wonder if there's something more to these dreams – memories, or perhaps a foreshadowing of their futures. They cross paths and then proceed to find out together.
Notes: A sequel to Scattered Petals. There's no need to read Scattered Petals to understand the story (I'll add foot-notes and mini-summaries if need be) but it would help you to understand the characters and their relationships with each other better, I suppose...
Disclaimer: I do not own Hyde, GACKT, K.A.Z and Ken. 

My hair dances in the wind, even in my attempt to cage it by tying it up. But it is free, quite much like how I feel right now.

Others would call me mental, declaring myself free when I am but a servant in the Takarai Mansion. But I am more than just a servant. Beyond titles and labels, which I feel are unnecessary, I am a free spirit. My spontaneity is limited only by my own weak body and, I must admit, it is infuriating at times for there are many things that my mind wishes to do but my body refuses to comply with.

But this much… This much, it will allow.

Thus, it is with a wide grin of unmatched joy that I turn to my lord and my friend, laughing when I realise how far behind he is.

“Hideto, hurry up!” I call out to him as loudly as I can as I pull on the reigns of Tenshin, my stallion. Tenshin slows to a jog and then finally stops at another tug of the reigns. Still smiling, I watch as Hideto nudges Aku in the side, causing the horse to speed up. Mere moments later, both Hideto and Aku are by my side and we fall into a comfortable pace as we ride through the woods.

“Be careful,” my lord warns me. “The rain from this afternoon made the ground slippery.”

“Horses are sure-footed animals, Hideto. They won’t let us fall,” I tell him, even though I am positive that it is not his own well-being that he is fearful for but mine. Sometimes, his concern is almost overbearing and I feel almost trapped by it. But though he’s trapped me, in a sense, he has also given me the key to the lock so that I may escape whenever I wish. He chooses to give me this freedom because he knows I will not run. And I will not run to search for freedom simply because I already have it.

I am caged, yes, but I am also free. It’s a paradox, I understand. But when it comes to Hideto and I, contradictions are the norm. Instead of trying to understand it, I have come to accept it as it is.

We make our way through the forest in silence, enjoying the evening. It is cold, thanks to the rain from that afternoon, but I am flushed and slightly overheated, even, because of all the riding I’ve done for the past few hours. This slow ride now, despite the normally unpleasant temperature, is refreshing.

I can’t think of a better way to end the day.

“Thank you, Hideto,” I say as I look away from the path and to the man beside me. I say ‘man’ because he’s had his coming-of-age ceremony already but he and I both know he is but a boy, as am I. Still, both he and I can appreciate things which normally only adults do. For example, a fine steed. Such as Tenshin, whom he has bestowed upon me as a birthday present. As I remind myself of that — that Tenshin is
my horse — my lips twitch up in another smile and I look down at the beautiful white horse that I am riding.

He is white all over, like me, Hideto had joked earlier. However, unlike me, Tenshin has a majestic golden mane. And his eyes are blue, not black like my own.

“He’s the best birthday present ever,” I say, hoping that the gratitude I felt could be heard. I look up at my lord again and he is smiling back at me with a fond look in his eyes. He reaches a hand out towards me to pet me, a gesture of affection which I had always adored despite me constantly teasing him that this makes me his pet and him my owner. Of course, Hideto—

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, bee—

Satoru opened his eyes blearily and let his hand fall away from the button on his alarm clock. Usually, Satoru was able to wake at the crack of dawn all by himself without the aid of alarms (it was a skill that he had had ever since he turned fourteen and no one was able to figure out how or why) but he had slept later than usual last night and knew he’d need help this morning.

Tired, he laid there unmoving for a few seconds until his arm got too cold and he pulled it back under the blankets. Sleep tried to lure him back into its clutches and, with the alarm shut, Satoru knew it would be an undisturbed sleep. There and then at that moment at six in the morning, when the sun was only just rising, the temptation was strong and Satoru cursed the fact that he had to get up for a job and the fact that his bed was being exceptionally comfortable this morning. Satoru considered setting another alarm and getting a few extra winks but worried that he’d be too tired and that he’d sleep through the next alarm.

With a suffering sigh, Satoru slowly sat up, letting the blankets pool around his waist. He remained still with his eyes closed as his dream continued on in his head. Satoru saw nothing, but he could hear.

“Let’s go home now,” Satoru heard Hideto saying in his head, his voice becoming softer and softer with every syllable that dropped from his lips.

“Just a few more minutes, please, Hideto?” Satoru heard his own voice plead. A wry smile graced Satoru’s lips as he whispered out the next few words with his dream-self’s voice in his head, confused and afraid as to why he knew the words. “It’s such a beautiful night…”

And it had been, in his dream. The moon was high up in the sky, lighting the path for him and his dream-friend, Hideto. It had been cool and rejuvenating. And horses! He had been riding horses! Satoru hated that he had woken up before the ride had ended. Horse-riding was something that he had always wanted to learn but just hadn’t had the time to do so.

With a defeated groan, he flopped back down onto his bed and stared up at his ceiling through half-lidded eyes that were threatening to close again.

He thought back on his dream, like he always did in the mornings, hoping to find some inspiration there for writing. And yes, his dreams always provided inspiration. But it was never enough. Satoru always felt these missing blanks whenever he sat down to write out the happenings in his dreams. There were these gaps that he couldn’t fill and feelings he couldn’t reproduce on paper no matter how hard he tried. It was as if he was receiving signals but had no way to send them elsewhere.

Though it was futile, Satoru continued reflecting on last night’s dream.

Hideto’s smile came back into his mind and Satoru couldn’t help but think to himself that it was a gorgeous smile.

“Him again,” Satoru mumbled to himself as a tiny grin formed on his face.

Notes: Is anyone else getting overly excited about this, because I am! I've missed writing SP!Hideto and SP!Satoru. ♥

Also, can anyone guess why Satoru wakes up at the crack of dawn?
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love_teddieslove_teddies on May 28th, 2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
awwww. i want that dream to last forever.

now give us more
Belle: HYDE; ♥b_sim on May 31st, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Lol, who wouldn't? Handsome Hideto, like a knight in shining armour on a horse. ♥

Hopefully soon. I don't actually have the whole story planned out yet so I'm really just winging it, atm.
明季子 思愛流: hyde laruku calendara_deux_vitesses on June 6th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
I am! I've missed your writing and I'm glad you'll be adding to Scattered Petals :D
Belle: Scattered Petals - 暁; finding my way homb_sim on June 12th, 2012 01:44 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you, that's great to hear! ♥
demon_rays: Badass Hydelovelydagger23 on July 22nd, 2012 07:57 am (UTC)
I'm so happy you're doing a sequel for this. I can't wait for more.~ <3